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Osheen (Young Hippogryph Reference) by Raicoh
Osheen (Young Hippogryph Reference)
Name: Osheen (OSH-een or USH-een)
Species Combination: Steller's Jay (Cyanocitta stelleri)/Giant Muntjac (Muntiacus vuquangensis
Sex: Male
Herd: Cervanthe 
Rank: Young Hippogryph

Physical characteristics:
• Osheen is small! As a young hippogryph, he's roughly the size of a Labrador Retriever and is mostly grown by then. As an adult, he'll be about as big as a borzoi (are these dog references helpful? I have no idea!).
• His wings are short, compact, and great for flying in the forest. Long distance flight? Not so much; far journeys are usually traversed by foot.
• His diet is highly omnivorous and includes squirrels, eggs, berries, and PEANUTS. 
• His light coloration becomes darker and more pronounced as an adult. His antlers and fangs will come in as he ages.
• Osheen is gifted in voice mimicry. 
• Muntjacs don't have a pronounced breeding season like other Cervids, so he remains rather levelheaded in Lekkrut. Probably for his own good.

Mental characteristics:
Osheen is a charismatic, intelligent gryphon. He's fond of puzzles and crafts, and is probably a bit too smart for his own good. Because of his brash but innocent personality, Osheen is incredibly gullible and can often overlook things despite his smarts. He can be very shy, especially around large (normal-sized) hippogryphs, but will warm up to others as soon as he believes them to not be a threat. 

If he had a theme, it would probably be this:…

As always, Osheen is (C) to me. I don't mind if you draw him, so long as it's not romantic or violent. I'll probably wait a bit before submitting challenges; half the fun of Windsonde is drawing with others, so I'm going to wait for more hippogryphs to appear!


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Thanks for stopping by! I use DA mainly for art role-playing groups, so if you're more interested in the other work that I do, I'd recommend checking out my tumblr website.

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